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07580 597 342 | 020 7223 6767
Unit 140a Battersea Business Centre,
99-109 Lavender Hill
London, United Kingdom
SW11 5QL

In 2014 this was the official website for the Lavender Print School.
When the domain registration for expired, the site disappeared from the web. The new owner has chosen to keep the site as it was with an edited content taken from its 2014 archived pages and to point visitors to the new website.
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Unit 151 Battersea Business Centre,
99-109 Lavender Hill, Battersea, SW11 5QL

According to their Facebook page the school was founded by artist Izzy Moreau and Nick Bashall who believes that, in this age of technology, it is important to escape sometimes into the hands-on world of traditional arts and crafts. Unlike some of the bigger schools, Lavender Print School is flexible with what it teaches and when so that students can come along at times that suit them during weekdays, evenings and weekends. Drinks and refreshments are always included in the price and bringing along friends and family is encouraged.

For some reason the domain registration of was allowed to expire and the site disappeared from the web. The new owner has chosen to keep the site as it was with an edited content taken from its 2014 archived pages.

Lavender Print School is located on Lavender Hill in South West London, In today's busy, technologically-driven world, they both believe that there is a strong desire for people to find escape in the hands-on methods of traditional arts and crafts. In comparison to the large colleges, they wanted to create a school which was based around flexibility and community.

Workshops are run during weekdays, evenings and weekends so that everyone can attend, and we run regular exhibitions for students' work, as well as showcasing it on our website gallery. Being a small school, we have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Drinks and refreshments are always provided during workshops and you can even bring friends and learn in a party atmosphere!

Nicholas John Bashall read law at St John’s Cambridge, where he was also a heavyweight boxing blue. He practiced as a lawyer in England, the Middle East, and Pakistan, before studying for five years in Spain at the art school of the late J. Torrents Llado.

In 1997, he had his first studio in London and he now has an established portraiture career. His sitters have included members of the Royal Family, the head of the British Army, Chairman of the CBI, amongst many others.

He also has an established reputation as a war artist, having painted under the protection of the British Army on the streets of Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2005 he set up with his partners Scott Pohlschmidt and Anne Witheridge an art school, Lavender Hill Studios, which teaches the traditional techniques of painting and drawing. The school is also based in the Battersea Business Centre and has over a hundred pupils.


Isabelle Therese Moreau grew up amongst a family of artists and actors. Her greatest inspiration was the artist Molly Blake, who instilled in her a love of puppets, a recurring theme in Izzy’s creative life.

On leaving school, Izzy was apprenticed to restorers of paintings, in association with the V&A, in the days when elderly masters passed on their secrets of gesso, gilding and restoration to the select few. She went on to study Fine Arts & 3d, postgraduate lecturing (up to MA), and teaching Drama and Theatre Arts.

As an artist in residence her skills as a teacher and artist combined perfectly, running workshops in the community, colleges, schools, universities, libraries, prisons and mental health centres, BBC and the Millennium Dome.

In due course she was in charge of art adult education centres across the south east of England and responsible for tutors, buildings, writing, planning, designing courses and moderating art and craft units across the UK. In 1995 she worked for television as a presenter for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 also creating arts books and DVD’s.

In 2004 Izzy‘s work took her to Australia where she presented arts and crafts on Channel 9 with her sister Louise (Quirky Birds), and her own children’s art series for the ABC. She also worked on the puppets for the Lion King and Magic Flute. Then in 2006 she opened the highly successful Moreaux Art School for adults and children in Sydney. Returning to the UK in November 2012, Izzy established Lavender Leonardos children’s art school.


An aside: I am planning on visiting my grandchildren in Battersea, London next month. One of my favorite places to visit is Battersea Park located in South West London on the south bank of the River Thames. The park, which was opened by Queen Victoria in 1858, has plenty more to do than just sitting on the grass on a sunny day ( although that is lovely particularly when you have three grandchildren having a picnic with you). With a boating lake, duck pond, tennis courts, running track, bike hire, cafes and Battersea Park Zoo, this London park has a lot to offer both the locals and visitors. In addition, Battersea Park is full of culture and history, such as the large Buddhist Peace Pagoda overlooking the Thames or the treetop trail of bridges and platforms that look down over the mini-golf course and the rest of the park. Anticipating some rigorous adventures with three very active kids I am planning on ordering some sports prescription eyeglasses from where I get my replacement lenses. I figure sports glasses with keepers will be able to survive just about anything the kids want to do.

Meanwhile the kids have requested that we visit the Lavender Print School where they all take classes in the different techniques of printmaking: lino, drypoint, woodcut and mono printmaking. I have a number of their work framed on the wall of my study, so it will be wonderful to finally see the actual place where they were created. Other trips with The Duchess, as the children call me, will include visiting the Battersea Park Zoo and going on bike rides. I need to look into what shows are playing in London that are appropriate for a 7, 9, & 10 year old. Matilda The Musical is one that I thought would be fun to see.





Our stunning studio is based in the Battersea Business Centre in South West London. As well as housing all the space and materials needed for our printmaking workshops, it is also home to our brand new printing press which is able to print larger than AO. The print room is also available for hire for printmakers and Lavender Print School students, so you can even carry on your hobby outside of classes.



Our workshops are designed to work as both standalone workshops, or as part of a course. Each will teach you a different skill, so you can attend one, more, or all of them. Workshops are run weekdays and weekends during the day, or as an evening class in a more condensed form.

Because our focus is on flexibility, we build the timetable around each student and you can learn whatever and whenever you like! Below is the list of techniques that we teach at Lavender Print School, but if you would like to speak to someone about when you would like to do one, please give Izzy a ring on 07580 597 342 or 020 7223 6767. Or alternatively email us at 

Craft Printing Workshops

Craft Printing workshops start in the run up to Christmas and are are a particularly fun thing to do with family and friends, as all ages are welcome.
Using the traditional methods or printmaking, you can learn how to design and create your own print or pattern, and apply it to various surfaces to create items such as: tea towels, aprons, tshirts, cushion covers, wrapping paper, cards and gift tags.
These can then be used as gifts, items for the home, or even to sell! All materials are included in the price.

Relief Printing

Relief Printmaking is where the protuding areas of a surface are inked and applied to paper. The recessed areas do not touch the paper and therefore remain clear of ink. For example in Lino Printing, an image is carved out of the lino. The areas that are carved out will appear white in the final image as they will not touch the paper, and the areas of lino that are left will be the ink. Although detail can still be achieved with these methods, Relief Rrinting is best for block images, whilst Etching will give more of a textured look with intricate lines. In our workshops you can learn Mono Printing, Lino Printing & Collograph Printing. You will leave each day with your own hand-made prints as well as the technical skills and knowledge to continue your artwork beyond the course.


Intaglio, or Etching, is the method of incising an image into a plate using a sharp object. Ink is then applied to the plate, where it collects within the incisions, and transfers onto paper when under the pressure of a printing press. Compared to the bold, blockish effect of Relief Printing, Intaglio produces a very detailed and textured image. In these workshops you will learn how to make intaglio printing plates using dry point techniques; ink up using traditional intaglio (wiping) techniques and printing on the press. You will leave each day with your own hand-made prints as well as the technical skills and knowledge to continue your artwork beyond the course.

Bookbinding is the process by which sheets of paper or other material are joined together or ‘bound’ to make a book, usually included within a hard cover. There is a myriad of ways to bind, some of which you will learn with us. We will teach you about multiple fold pages, paper grain and tools. Our workshops will introduce new techniques whilst allowing those who wish to attend more than one workshop to also continue on existing projects. Methods covered include: Single section pamphlet, Japanese stab binding, Concertina books, French stitch binding and case binding. You will leave each day with your own hand-made books as well as the technical skills and knowledge to continue your artwork beyond the course.